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I still remember the first time I got my own car, on early spring in 1983.


The car I got at that time was a 4-door, high deluxe Corolla, which I bought from a friend of my father.  The car was a simple one just for day-to-day use, without tachometer nor cassette audio.  Then the car changed my way to go to collage like a dream because I used a train before I got the car.


Used Car, Machineries from JapanHowever, the car without an air conditioner was sometimes a nightmare, in a very hot summer in Sapporo, Hokkaido, as global warming was becoming a problem since that time. I drove around my car with 4 windows (without power assist) completely open and when a sudden summer shower came, I got wet completely.


After I graduated from the college, the first car I got was Toyota Celica 2000 GT Rally. The powerful sound of twin-cam DOHC engine was so cool, and the unique square shape lights were remarkable when round shape lights were more common. Also tachometer was up to 8000, and cassette audio was equipped as well. I felt quite self-satisfied with the speed when I changed the gear to the top.


Japanese second hand cars, machinery from JapanMore than 20 years after that, More than 20 cars I have driven. Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Daihatsu, Volks Wagen… I have driven various cars.  Gradually I was getting to learn car repair as well, and was visiting dismantling services to purchase some parts.


Most of the cars were used, while rapid Toyota Starlet 12 Valve EFI and Nissan Cedric Brougham were purchased as new.  I miss the “bubble” economy era when we all were extravagant.


As I grew up as a sales person in insurance, finance and construction planning industry, I never gave up my dream to do some business related to a car.  One day, I met with Mr. Wakamatsu, who is a business partner now, and we analyzed the used car market in Japan, to find a conclusion that Japanese used cars are more demanded from outside of Japan, than inside. used cars, vending machines from JapanThen we visited around some embassies in Japan asking them to introduce car sales agent of their countries.  Some embassies actually introduced their car sales agent.  Although English is not easy for me despite it was my favorite subject at school, thanks to the help from my business partner, and by word of mouth, the orders have started to flow in slowly.


I would like to thank my business partners who supported me to establish the used car business.  Also, I would like to express my gratitude in advance to my future customers.


Hiroshi Nakahama

President, Tokyo Cyber Auto, Japan




Tokyo Cyber Auto; PeopleThe 4 people on the picture are those from business partner companies.  The left end is me. Those are presidents from used car importer, repairing service and exporting company.


The town of Yokosuka is close to both sea and mountain. Yokohama, one of the largest international port of Japan, is conveniently located just 30 minutes away.  On weekends I walk to the sea to enjoy fishing.  Sometimes I help local farmers for strawberry, soybeans in the pod and orange.






Orange tree yard near office.


View from the office, Yokosuka

View (east side) from the Office in Yokosuka, Japan



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