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Tokyo Cyber Auto proudely exports the finest used cars, vending machines and other machineries from Japan.

Tokyo Cyber Auto proudly exports the finest products from Japan. (Export Only)


  • Japanese Used Car (Toyota Corolla and others)
  • used vending machine from JapanImported Used Car
  • Used Construction Machinery
  • Used Vending Machine
  • Used Power Generator (diesel generator)
  • ...and anything on your request!

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Nakahama CEO and Customer


used car from Japan



used cars, machinery, vending machines from Japan





Tokyo Cyber Auto is exporting Japanese used cars as well as various foreign cars from Japan at reasonable cost. We also export used machineries such as vending machine, construction machines and power generator from Japan.


Besides, we always try to be of any help to you upon your request, for anything we can export from Japan. So please feel free to contact us.


We look forward to serving you.


Japanese Used Car, Machinery Hiroshi Nakahama,


Tokyo Cyber Auto


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J Motion Co., Ltd.

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Team Work of TCA (Exportor), J-motion(Domestic Sell & Purchase) and T-Works(Maintenance & Services)

Used Cars, Machineries from Japan

Tokyo Cyber Auto


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